Customized HCI Training for Workplace/Business

Co-workers, clients, even bosses are behaving in narcissistic or bullying ways. High conflict workplace and business disputes cause disruption leading to loss of productivity and competitive advantage.

Have you noticed more people engaging in “high conflict” behavior these days in the workplace?

  • A co-worker sends nasty emails out to the whole department.

  • A narcissistic boss undermines you at every step.

  • A supervisor bullies an employee after the supervisor makes a mistake.

  • An employee threatens to hit a co-worker, then claims it was just a joke.

  • A customer in a store yells loudly at a storeowner or clerk.

  • Someone spits at an officer writing a parking ticket.

This behavior is considered “high conflict” because it increases conflict instead of reducing or resolving it. This can catch you by surprise, especially when it is done by someone who seemed reasonable at first. Most people with these types of extreme behaviors have a repeated pattern of high-conflict behavior. It’s part of who they are. They didn’t just make a mistake or act out of the blue – they have done this before and will do it again.

It’s not just your imagination—more and more people in the workplace today have high-conflict personalities. Choosing targets and then placing blame on them, treating them with disdain, or otherwise acting in aggressive, inappropriate ways. Some go so far as to spread damaging rumors, harass, or directly sabotage their targets, among other extreme behaviors.

These are not people who are just having an occasional bad day; these are people who display a repeated pattern of high-conflict behavior.

Our methods can help you manage this type of behavior in the workplace.


We offer speakers to groups and organizations regarding understanding and managing high conflict people in business and the workplace. Our speakers provide:

  • keynote addresses

  • workshops and seminars from 30 minutes to 3 hours

  • training sessions of 3 hours to 2 days
    emphasis on learning and practicing advanced skills for managing high conflict clients, employees, and others, including training on the CARS Method and New Ways for Work

Training Types:

  • external: dealing with high-conflict customers, clients

  • internal one: managing high-conflict employees

  • internal two: communication training for employees

Our training is appropriate for:


managers and supervisors

human resources

employee assistance programs



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