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New Ways for Work℠

Training only. No licensing required.

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New Ways for Work℠ is a coaching method for potentially high-conflict employees and managers to individually strengthen their conflict resolution skills. It is designed for three to twelve sessions with an Employee Assistance Professional (EAP), HR specialist, therapist or coach. It involves a manual for the coach and a workbook for the coaching client/employee that focuses on four key skills:

  1. flexible thinking

  2. managed emotions

  3. moderate behavior

  4. checking yourself.

    It is a cognitive–behavioral intervention aimed toward helping clients gain greater self–regulation in their jobs and lives – and feeling better about themselves at the same time! 

New Ways for Work℠ is designed to help the client become consciously aware of some of their inappropriate reactions and help them manage their responses in a more effective manner. This approach helps the EAP/counselor/coach give the client tools to manage and improve their self-regulation in their daily interactions.

It can:

  • be used to take the edge off of the interpersonal behavior of a valued but difficult employee;

  • be used to see whether potentially high-conflict employees can change their behavior enough to stay on the job, change positions or leave the organization;

  • be beneficial to any employee or manager, including those dealing with a difficult co-worker or manager, and those who want to improve their own conflict resolution skills, including new managers. 

Who it’s For

This method is for EAPs, HR specialists, therapists and coaches who want a structured approach for helping troubled employees and managers.

How it’s Used

New Ways for Work℠ can use it for short-term or long-term coaching (or counseling).

Training vs. Licensing

You do not need to be licensed to use this method. Training is required.


HCI trainers can provide 1-day or 2-day workplace conflict training (New Ways for Work) for your company, human resources department (HR), Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or any workplace conflict program:

  • in-person (we come to you) or

  • virtual (online via Zoom or Skype).

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