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New Ways for Work


New Ways for Work is a coaching method for potentially high-conflict employees and managers to individually strengthen their conflict resolution skills. It is designed for 3 to 12 sessions with an Employee Assistance Professional (EAP), therapist or coach. It involves a Workbook which focuses the coaching client on four key skills: flexible thinking, managed emotions, moderate behavior and checking yourself. It is a cognitive–behavioral intervention aimed toward helping clients gain greater self–regulation in their jobs and lives – and feeling better about themselves at the same time! 

New Ways for Work is designed to help the client become consciously aware of some of their inappropriate reactions and help them manage their responses in a more effective manner. This approach helps the EAP/counselor/coach give the client tools to manage and improve their self-regulation in their daily interactions.

It can be used to take the edge off of the interpersonal behavior of a valued but difficult employee. It can be used to see whether potentially high-conflict employees can change their behavior enough to stay on the job, change positions or leave the organization. It can be beneficial to any employee or manager, including those dealing with a difficult co-worker or manager, and those who want to improve their own conflict resolution skills, including new managers. 

Who it’s for:

This method is for EAPs, therapists and coaches who want a structured approach for helping troubled employees and managers. 

How it's used:

They can use it for short-term or long-term counseling or coaching. 

Materials needed:

This method is centered on a Workbook, which guides the process of learning the skills.

4-DVD set titled New Ways for Mediation provides the most training in this method.

So, What’s Your Proposal (book) can be very helpful.

High Conflict People in Legal Disputes (book) is especially helpful for those mediating legal disputes.


High Conflict Institute provides a one or two-day training in this method for workplace professionals.



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