Customized HCI Training for Legal Professionals

High conflict disputes are increasing in society—especially in legal disputes.

High conflict legal disputes are unnecessarily litigious. Our training for legal and court professionals will help you prepare for, identify and manage high-conflict disputes before, during and after court proceedings.

With the increase in blaming behavior and personal attacks, lawyers, judges, mediators and others are often drawn into the fray.


Wondering what to do with unreasonable, demanding clients?


We can help.

Our seminars and training address the dynamics of high conflict disputes and provide many methods for managing them both in and out-of-court.


We offer these seminars for a variety of legal professionals. All seminars can be tailored to your area of law; however, our family law section has its own separate page here.

  • Managing High Conflict Personalities in Legal Disputes

  • Dealing with High Conflict Counsel

  • Managing High Conflict People in Court

  • Client Engagement

Training Types:

  • external: dealing with high-conflict litigants

  • internal one: managing high-conflict employee disputes

  • internal two: communication training for employees

Our training is appropriate for:



court administration




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