Customized HCI Training for Education Professionals

High conflict behaviors, bullying, incivility, and divisiveness are rife in every level of education and schooling.

Educators are increasingly faced with difficult students, parents, and co-workers. Our training for education professionals at any level will help educators learn new de-escalation techniques and new ways of communicating and managing the classroom and the whole school environment.

Our seminars and training address the dynamics of high conflict disputes and provide many methods for managing everyone — students, parents, co-workers, employees, and management.



We offer these training opportunities for all levels of education. All seminars can be tailored to your area or level of the educational system, including:

  • Managing High Conflict Personalities in Education

  • Dealing with High Conflict Management & Difficult Bosses

  • Dealing with High-Conflict Parents

  • Dealing with Emotionally Charged Students

  • Communicating with Difficult People

Training types:

  • external: dealing with high-conflict parents and students

  • internal one: managing high-conflict employees

  • internal two: communication training for employees

Our training is appropriate for:





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