High conflict resolution experts since 2006.

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We teach professionals how to manage high conflict personalities and disputes, both internally and with their most difficult clients.




You can remain peaceful, productive, and professional in spite of disruptive, difficult people.


We’ll teach you how.

The conflict resolution experts.

High Conflict Institute is a team of high-conflict experts and specialists who teach and train the advanced conflict resolution techniques pioneered by best-selling author, therapist, mediator, and lawyer Bill Eddy.

CEO Megan Hunter is an author, high-conflict personality expert, and in-demand speaker helping professionals in high-stakes careers remain confident and in control when the pressure’s on:

Business Owners
HR Professionals

Healthcare Administrators
College Administrators
Law Enforcement
Homeowners’ Association Managers

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

Megan Hunter, MBA

 We’re changing the way people react to conflict...


Learn how to unlock the mysteries of conflict to decrease your stress, increase your confidence, and make a powerful impact on the most difficult, toxic people.


More than 250,000 professionals in organizations across the globe have learned our powerful conflict resolution techniques through our on-site and online trainings.


HCI Keynote Presentations


Training for Your Organization

Group & Individual Consulting



Offered through University of Newcastle and edX in Partnership

with the High Conflict Institute

Courses start OCTOBER 16th



Second course begins November 13th.

High Conflict in Law: Personality Disorders and Disputes

Learn about the relationship between some personality disorders and high-conflict behaviour. Discover how to deal with high-conflict behaviours and manage conflicts in legal and business disputes.
Only a 1-2 hour week time commitment.

First course begins October 16th.

High Conflict in Law: An Introduction

Develop your toolkit of techniques for dealing with high-conflict behaviours. Explore how to address high-conflict scenarios in legal disputes and business settings.
Only a 1-2 hour week time commitment.

High Conflict Institute News

Our own CEO, Megan Hunter and Training Expert, Andrea LaRochelle have Co-Authored The High Conflict Co-Parent Survival Guide out now! There’s been quite a buzz about the helpfulness of this great new tool. Here Andrea talks about why she and Megan Hunter decide to write this book, what makes it different than others before, and how this book can help you cope mentally, emotionally, and physically for 52 weeks of the year.

To find out even more about The High Conflict Co-Parent Survival Guide or to order Click HERE!

Online Courses:

Explore our collection of online courses and learn how to communicate with confidence in high-pressure situations.

  • Learn how to reduce defensive behavior so your message isn’t sidetracked by an emotional roadblock.

  • Understand how to influence the way another person’s brain will respond to you.

  • Implement four simple steps stay calm and in control when responding to hostile emails, texts, and correspondence.

Upcoming Events:

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