Committed to changing
the culture of conflict.


High Conflict Institute was co-founded by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., and Megan L. Hunter, MBA, to provide education and resources to professionals handling High Conflict disputes, and to anyone involved in relationships of any kind with people who have High Conflict Personalities (HCPs).

After years of working with High Conflict disputes in many settings, we came to the conclusion that these disputes are not driven by complex issues, but by High Conflict Personalities.

Based on Bill Eddy’s broad training in mental health, law and conflict resolution, he developed the High Conflict Personality Theory (the “HCP Theory”) and has been teaching the necessary skills for handling HCPs to professionals in a wide variety of settings: legal, workplace, healthcare, education, government, business and others.


We provide seminars, consultations, and coaching to organizations upon request, as well as providing our own seminars for any professional facing high conflict cases or issues, mediators, mental health professionals, managers, human resource professionals, including attorneys, judges, mediators, mental health professionals, managers, human resource professionals, employee assistance professionals, ombudspersons, healthcare administrators, college administrators, and others.


We help anyone who finds themselves involved in a difficult relationship—whether it be at work or home.  Our coaching, consulting, books, DVDs, audio recordings, seminars and other training events provide an opportunity for anyone who needs guidance and support managing relationships with HCPs.

High conflict people are not just difficult--they are the most difficult people, because they become preoccupied with a target of blame.

Usually it is someone close to them (such as a spouse, relative, neighbor, co-worker) or someone in a position of authority (boss, doctor, administrator, government official).

Managing HCPs usually involves using skills which are the opposite of what one feels like doing. Learning these skills takes time and practice, but can make an amazing difference in resolving, managing, and containing High Conflict disputes.