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Shawn Skillin, ESQ.

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Shawn Skillin is a family law attorney, family law mediator, mediation trainer, and speaker. She has worked with Bill Eddy since 2002 and has been the beneficiary of his theories for many years, putting them to use in her own practice on a regular basis. Now a member of the HCI faculty, Shawn has been trained in New Ways for Families, New Ways for Mediation, and New Ways for Work. Shawn is a popular speaker, trainer, and educational consultant for HCI.

Shawn became a member of the National Conflict Resolution Center Family Law Mediation panel in 2002, where along with Bill Eddy, she is now a senior mediator on the panel. She has successfully mediated hundreds of family law cases since then. Prior to attending law school, Shawn was a registered nurse, specializing in Surgical Intensive Care and Trauma Resuscitation. Her unique blend of education and professional work has given her a wealth of practical experience in working with families in crisis.


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Shawn Skillin brings her own laptop and slide clicker/pointer and can adapt to HDMI, VGA or lighting hookups.

She needs:

  • LCD projector & screen

  • Audio connection for sound (she will show videos from his laptop)

  • Lapel mic (hand-held or podium mic okay if lapel not available)

  • White board or flipchart w/ markers


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