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Regina Schnell

Regina Schnell, a senior human resource leader, trainer, facilitator, certified mediator and career coach, has over 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching, and corporate conflict resolution services. Schnell specializes in effective workplace conflict resolution by introducing instrumental processes to prevent and mitigate organizational risk. To enhance workplace productivity, efficiencies, and to ensure peak performance, Ms. Schnell works with both individuals, cross-functional, departmental, and organizational employee groups to combine the talents and strengths of individuals to create high performing teams.

Having worked in non-profit, academic and research, multicultural and competitive environments, Schnell has successfully worked through and resolved a number of complex workplace matters which has led her to open her own practice, Workplace Symphonies.

Employee Relations, conflict resolution and mediation
Organizational and team development, coaching, facilitating and employee engagement
Compliance and risk management, including policy review, development and implementation