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HCI Program Licensing

We license mental health professionals, coaches, trainers, and consultants to use our methods and programs so they can help people involved in high conflict disputes within their communities. View our licensing curriculums below.


New Ways

Because people with high conflict personalities require a different set of skills,
everyone around them must learn NEW WAYS of dealing with them.

Our New Ways series offers help in many forms for professionals who have high conflict clients, and for individuals, whether in families, the workplace, school, or at the local coffee shop.


New Ways for Families

A structured method with short-term counseling at the front end to learn new skills necessary to reduce conflict and protect children.

New Ways for Work

A coaching method for potentially high conflict employees and managers to individually strengthen their conflict resolution skills.

New Ways for Mediation

A proposal-focused, tightly-structured, simple process for mediating potentially high conflict disputes.

New Ways for Life

COMING in 2019! A life skills course for young people (teens/adolescents) between ages 12 and 17.

BIFF Response® Method

A structured way to respond to hostile emails, texts, DMs, social media posts, snail mail, or any written communication from people who may have high conflict personalities.

CARS® Method

A structured method to organize responses to those who may have a high conflict personality by reinforcing their best behavior, calming them and redirecting their energies.

WEB™ Method

A quick and easy way to identify potentially dangerous people, especially those who may have high conflict personalities, by observing their words, your emotions, and their behaviors.

HCI Pattern Viewer™

A powerful software tool that uses materials uploaded by parents to present a digital visual timeline showing patterns of positive and negative behavior and high conflict patterns of behavior.

Parenting Without Conflict

Online Course for Parents

An online parenting course for parents who are separated, divorcing, and even those who share a child but never shared a relationship. This unique and innovative 8- or 12-session course focuses heavily on the 4 Big Skills most needed by potentially high-conflict or already high-conflict parents, but it is also effective for parents who are not high conflict. Teaching these skills the way we do has had a lot of success.

Parent-Child Course

Online Course for Parents & Their Kids

An online 4-session course for parents and kids as their families transition into new ways after a breakup, such as a divorce or separation. The course, taught by Bill Eddy, helps parents start the tough conversations with kids about living in two homes. It will help you maintain a strong and open relationship with your child.

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