Personal life skills for young people (teens/adolescent).

New Ways for Life


Coming January 2020!

New Ways for Life is a program for helping young people ages 12-17 learn new skills to give them a sense of control in their world; create calmness when emotions are running high; the ability to think from another perspective outside their own; and to moderate their own behavior.

New Ways for Life is designed to REDUCE:

  • bullying in schools

  • social media bullying

  • friendship conflict

  • family conflict

  • violence at home & schools

  • stress levels

Who it’s for:

New Ways for Life is for teens ages 12-17.

How it's used:

New Ways for Life is designed for TWO (2) 90-minute sessions between a New Ways for Life Coach and the young person.

Materials needed:

New Ways for Life: Teacher’s Manual

New Ways for Life: Workbook


High Conflict Institute provides a required 3-hour training for anyone wanting to provide New Ways for Life for young people.


New Ways for Life was developed jointly by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., and Susie Rayner, NMAS, Melbourne, Australia