Mediators are being asked to manage and resolve more high-conflict disputes.


As high conflict legal disputes increase, mediators are being asked to manage and resolve more of these disputes.

This trend requires more training in understanding and managing high conflict behavior during mediation and in developing agreements which are sustainable long afterward. 

Our methods and training provide a paradigm shift for mediating with those clients who are not responsive to ordinary mediation methods. We focus on an overall structured approach for high-conflict mediation which incorporates these paradigm shifts.

We've learned that what helps is to do the opposite of what we do in traditional mediation using approaches that work with most people. Our high-conflict mediation training provides a new way to enhance your existing mediation skills with paradigm shifts that seem to bring more success when there are one or more high-conflict people involved.


We offer training for a variety of family law professionals, including:

  • Judges / Court Commissioners

  • Lawyers

  • Mediators

  • Court Administrators

  • Psychologists

  • Counselors

  • Custody Evaluators

  • Psychiatrists

  • Parenting Coordinators

  • Divorce Coaches

  • Social Workers

  • Parent Educators

  • Financial Professionals

All seminars can be tailored to your area of the family court process:

  • Managing High Conflict Personalities in Family Law Disputes

  • Dealing with High Conflict Counsel

  • Managing High Conflict People in Court

  • Managing High Conflict People in Collaborative Practice

These topics can be incorporated into any seminar:

  • Alienation

  • Ethical issues in high conflict cases

  • Child abuse

  • True and false reports of abuse

  • High conflict personalities and domestic violence

  • Managing self-represented litigants

  • Role of GALs and parenting coordinators

Our mediation training is appropriate for:

  • mediators

  • attorneys

  • judges

  • any professionals in a mediation role

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