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Interviews and news about our speakers, books, and events. 


6/30/19 Jackie Pack of Thanks for Sharing talks with author Bill Eddy about his book Why We Elect Narcissists and Sociopaths and How We Can Stop! Bill talks about the patterns across the world and throughout history where HCP’s have risen to the top and caused chaos and destruction. They cover the role media plays. They talk about what we, the average person, can do in recognizing these personality patterns and how to dialogue in this divisive time.


6/24/2019 On this episode of Big Blend Radio, lawyer, clinical social worker, veteran mediator and best-selling author Bill Eddy discusses his latest book, WHY WE ELECT NARCISSISTS AND SOCIOPATHS – AND HOW WE CAN STOP! Bill is the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Center, and cofounder and training director of the High-Conflict Institute.


6/28/19 Fire It Up with CJ recently interviewed Bill Eddy regarding his newest book, “Why We Elect Narcissists and Sociopaths and How We Can Stop.” Bill discusses his definition of High Conflict People (HCP) and how it maps to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) created by the American Psychiatric Association. He describes the key characteristics you should look for in any relationship and in electing officials and his six month to one year metric. Narcissists and Sociopaths prey on our emotions and create conflict. This is mirrored in media that feeds off our need to blame, have an enemy, and a story narrative.


6/24/19 Psychology in Seattle aired podcast with Bill Eddy that discusses, “How do we stop electing bullies? How do we manage bullies in our personal life?” Dr. Kirk Honda talks with Bill Eddy. Listen now!


6/24/19 The List recently aired a segment by Bill Eddy entitled 4 Effective Ways to Manage High Conflict People. Watch for 4 quick tips on effective ways to manage high conflict individuals at work or in your personal life.


6/23/19 Recently, Bill Eddy joined the David Pakman show to discuss narcissistic personality disorder in historic leaders, including American presidents, and more…. You can find out more about how this topic in Bill Eddy’s new book, "Why We Elect Narcissists and Sociopaths—and How We Can Stop" (available at link)


6/21/19 Leadership Beyond Borders recently interviewed Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. Listen to Bill Eddy's latest interview with VoiceAmerica! We discuss the fact that HCPs, narcissistic and sociopathic behaviors are dominating both our boardrooms and the political arena, but we are the ones putting this leadership in place. Is this good for our nations, companies and ourselves? In this episode we discuss how narcissists, High Conflict Personalities and sociopaths are sneaking their way into our lives, how we can recognize them and what to do about it.


6/13/19 The List recently aired a segment on ABC about workplace bullying and the C.A.R.S Method of resolution by the High Conflict Institute and Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. Watch a clip here:

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Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning! hosted by Lesli Doares, LMFT. How does the general public feel about marriage? How has our attitude changed from times past? Bill Eddy, Esq., LCSW therapist, attorney, mediator and co-founder of the High Conflict Institute, discusses why marriage is much more than just deciding to live together and how it truly is different from co-habitation. Host Lesli Doares, LMFT, is a Marriage Consultant & Coach and author of the book, Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage: How to Create Your Happily Ever After With More Intention, Less Work.

Prescriptions for Healing Conflict Listen in as Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., and Mari Frank, Esq., discuss the groundbreaking CARS and New Ways for Work Methods on the Prescriptions for Healing Conflict radio show. These techniques are based on Bill’s one-of-a-kind conflict resolution skills training for coping with potentially high conflict employees and managers, and which apply the New Ways for Work Coaching Manual and Workbook co-written with L. Georgi DiStefano, LCSW. Listen to the Podcast

Family Matters hosted by Virginia L. Colin Ph.D. Co-parenting after a separation or divorce can be difficult – especially if you believe you are dealing with a “high-conflict” co-parent. In this program, Bill Eddy, Esq., LCSW discusses some of the common problems co-parents face and how to deal with them as a parent or as a professional – especially if there has been intense conflict between the parents. Listen to the Radio Interview

Life in the Fast Lane Radio Show - Georgi DiStefano, LCSW chats with Tom Tabback and Madison Morgan on their morning show in Arizona (KAZM 780). They engage in a lively conversation about high conflict personalities based on her new book with Bill Eddy It’s All Your Fault At Work. Press play to listen below.

Blaming others, extreme behaviors, all-or-nothing thinking and unmanaged emotions all characterize the high conflict person. Whether it is in your professional or married life, high conflict people present challenges to our sanity and well-being. Line One host Prentiss Pemberton, LCSW and Bill Eddy, Esq., LCSW explore the mind of high conflict people and what you can do to live with and manage them. Listen Here.

Clayton Mick, of KORN News Radio 1490 in South Dakota queries L. Georgi DiStefano, LCSW. about the CARS technique and other methods of calming upset people and how it can be used with difficult workplace situations. Based on the award-winning book It’s All Your Fault At Work. Press play to listen below.

Listen to Prescriptions for Healing Conflict with host, Mari J. Frank, Esq., CIPP, as she interviews Bill Eddy, Esq., LCSW on innovative methods of dealing with and managing High-Conflict People -- Narcissists at Work, the CARS, BIFF Response and Feed Forward techniques and the award-winning book: It’s All Your Fault at Workco-authored with L. Georgi DiStefano, LCSW. Listen Here

Check out Dads On The Air - The word Splitting brings to mind a number of possibilities but in Bill Eddy’s book it is not the obvious meaning of breaking up with a partner. Based on his extensive experience as a therapist and a family lawyer and drawing on the experience of his co-author Randi Kreger, Bill gives host, Bill Kable, a fascinating walk through of Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Listen Here

Reasonable Doubt: High conflict personalities and your legal battle - Laurel Dietz from Victoria, BC, Canada gives a detailed review of Bill Eddy's book High Conflict People in Legal Disputes

Axiom Award - High Conflict Institute and Unhooked Books are proud to announce that our book Its All Your Fault at Work: Managing Narcissists and Other High-Conflict People by Bill Eddy and Georgi DiStefano, has just won an Axiom award for Best Business Books in the Human Resources/Employee Training category.

Huffington Post - Divorce Confidential: Managing Your Emotions During A Divorce - Bill Eddy was quoted in this article by family law attorney, Charoline Choi. She quotes Bill when discussing the concepts of "flexible thinking" and to "Check Yourself" as practical ways to manage emotions while going through a divorce.

California State Bar Family Law News - Skills Before Decisions: Can Difficult Clients Learn Decision-Making Skills? - Family Law News published this article by Bill Eddy explaining the benefits of having courts and family lawyers assist both parents to gain decision-making skills before the big decisions are made. This explains the principles behind the New Ways for Families method developed by High Conflict Institute. Research results are starting to show a high rate of success in helping high-conflict families to stay out of court using New Ways for Families, as well as to reduce their conflicts, reduce police and social services involvement, and help their children have stronger contact with both parents and even sleep better after their parents learn these skills. The Editor referred to this as “a comprehensive and educational article” and encouraged readers to “Be inspired and take action to make Family Law practice better!”

Huffington Post - Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Family Court System - Tina Swithin, author of "Divorcing a Narcissist, One Mom's Battle" talks about HCI's work to educate the Family Court System on individual with personality disorders.

The Canberra Times - Australia - Dealing With High Conflict People

Alternative Dispute Resolution Insights & Resources - High Conflict Mediation: 4 Tips for Mediators

Salt Lake Tribune Article Bill Eddy is featured in an article titled "Business Insight: High-conflict people blame others offering tips for managing and responding to high-conflict people.

Huffington Post Tina Swithin, author of "Divorcing a Narcissist, One Mom's Battle" talks about Bill's Book Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how it became her legal bible in her high conflict divorce. She also talks about the HCI exclusive program New Ways For Families and the HCI Pattern Viewer program.

NPR Interview Gene Strohl talks with therapist and attorney Bill Eddy and psychologist and mediator Don Saposnek about their recent publication, Splitting America. The book deals with parallels the authors have discovered between what happens in "high-conflict" divorce cases and what is happening today in the political arena in America.

"New Book Issues A Stern Warning to America" featuring Bill Eddy's book Splitting America, appeared in the following publications:

Announcing the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) – As a founding board member, Bill Eddy is pleased to announce a new International Organization that will be promoting family mediation to the public, providing top-quality conferences and training in family mediation and setting standards for the field. www.apfmnet.org

Molly B. Kenny Esq.– A video interview of Bill Eddy about What To Expect In A High Conflict Divorce. Located in Bellevue, WA, the greater Seattle area divorce attorneys at theLaw Offices of Molly B. Kenny are experienced in all areas of family law and represent those going through divorce, mediation, child custody and domestic violence cases throughout Washington State.


MrCustodyCoach Radio - Bill Eddy discusses what to look for when choosing an attorney, with specific emphasis on the high-conflict divorce & custody dispute. (Radio interview transcript)

Texas Conflict Coach - Bill Eddy is interviewed by Pattie Porter about Responding to Bullies in the Workplace

KFMB-TV CBS, San Diego - Bad Economy Keeping Some in Bad Marriages

Illinois Divorce Law Blog - High Conflict Custody Cases and PAS by Michael Roe

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