Customized HCI Training for Law Enforcement

Most law enforcement officers are skilled at handling difficult people in the community, but can get unintentionally triggered—which can result in too much arguing or explaining in highly stressful situations.

HCI’s techniques for de-escalation and calming people can help.

Difficult patients takes a toll on already stressed healthcare workers. Learning the skills to handle difficult people in healthcare can drastically save time, alleviate stress, and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Healthcare workers are increasingly faced with difficult patients, their families or friends, co-workers, and other staff. Our training for healthcare professionals in any area of health and medicine will provide those within the industry the necessary skills to calm upset people, de-escalate conflict, deal with high-conflict co-workers, curb harsh or condescending language. Stress will decrease as these new skills and methods are put into everyday use. Job satisfaction will increase.

Our seminars and training address the dynamics of high conflict disputes and provide many methods for managing difficult people in volatile situations.


We offer these training opportunities for all areas of law enforcement. All seminars can be tailored to your area or level of the law enforcement system, including:

  • Managing High Conflict Personalities in law enforcement

  • Dealing with High Conflict Management & Difficult Bosses

  • Dealing with High-Conflict People

  • Dealing with High-Conflict Families and Friends in Law Enforcement Settings

  • Dealing with Emotionally Charged Civilians

  • Communicating with Difficult People

Training types:

  • external: dealing with high-conflict civilians

  • internal one: managing high-conflict employees

  • internal two: communication training for employees

Our training is appropriate for:

law enforcement officers

911 dispatchers

sheriff’s deputies

administrative staff


ordinance officers


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