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Following are stories and interviews where High Conflict Institute or Bill Eddy have been featured.  You can also visit our Upcoming Events and Past Events to see Bill and other High Conflict Institute speakers featured presenting seminars and training events. Our Articles and Newsletters section features Bill Eddy's informative articles for professionals dealing with high conflict individuals, parenting and divorce, mediation and negotiation, workplace issues, and more.

  • Prescriptions for Healing Conflict Listen in as Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., and Mari Frank, Esq., discuss the groundbreaking CARS and New Ways for Work Methods on the Prescriptions for Healing Conflict radio show. These techniques are based on Bill’s one-of-a-kind conflict resolution skills training for coping with potentially high conflict employees and managers, and which apply the New Ways for Work Coaching Manual and Workbook co-written with L. Georgi DiStefano, LCSW. Listen to the Podcast

  • Family Matters hosted by Virginia L. Colin Ph.D. Co-parenting after a separation or divorce can be difficult – especially if you believe you are dealing with a “high-conflict” co-parent. In this program, Bill Eddy, Esq., LCSW discusses some of the common problems co-parents face and how to deal with them as a parent or as a professional – especially if there has been intense conflict between the parents. Listen to the Radio Interview

  • Life in the Fast Lane Radio Show - Georgi DiStefano, LCSW chats with Tom Tabback and Madison Morgan on their morning show in Arizona (KAZM 780). They engage in a lively conversation about high conflict personalities based on her new book with Bill Eddy It’s All Your Fault At Work. Press play to listen below.

  • Blaming others, extreme behaviors, all-or-nothing thinking and unmanaged emotions all characterize the high conflict person. Whether it is in your professional or married life, high conflict people present challenges to our sanity and well-being. Line One host Prentiss Pemberton, LCSW and Bill Eddy, Esq., LCSW explore the mind of high conflict people and what you can do to live with and manage them. Listen Here.

  • Clayton Mick, of KORN News Radio 1490 in South Dakota queries L. Georgi DiStefano, LCSW. about the CARS technique and other methods of calming upset people and how it can be used with difficult workplace situations. Based on the award-winning book It’s All Your Fault At Work. Press play to listen below.


  • CJAD-FM, Montreal Radio – Bill Eddy is interviewed by Dr. Laurie Betito about his book SPLITTING

  • KNRY-AM, Monterey, CA - Bill Eddy is interviewed by Dr. Laurie Betito about his book SPLITTING

  • Doctor Radio Program, National-Sirius/XM Satellite Radio – Bill Eddy is interviewed by Dr. Zev Levine about his book SPLITTING and practical tips for dealing with personality disorders in relationships

  • BBS Radio - Bill Eddy and Tobias Desjardins Interview on High Conflict Personalities in Divorce

  • MrCustodyCoach Radio - Bill Eddy discusses what to look for when choosing an attorney, with specific emphasis on the high-conflict divorce & custody dispute. (Radio interview transcript)

  • Texas Conflict Coach - Bill Eddy is interviewed by Pattie Porter about Responding to Bullies in the Workplace

  • KFMB-TV CBS, San Diego - Bad Economy Keeping Some in Bad Marriages

  • Illinois Divorce Law Blog - High Conflict Custody Cases and PAS by Michael Roe

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  • AzAFCC Newsletter - Personality Disorders in Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Cases