Working with High-Conflict Clients – a 5-Morning Intensive Seminar

This seminar takes place August 6-10 at the Landmark Resort in beautiful Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin. People have asked me when I will give an intensive training in this subject and this is the longest seminar I am offering on this subject. It is an opportunity to really absorb the principles of personality disorders and methods for helping them in any setting. We will talk about causes of personality disorders, therapy for personality disorders, about risk management with high-conflict clients, about collaborating to help high-conflict clients in divorcing families, in the workplace and other settings. This intensive seminar is sponsored by the Medical College of Wisconsin, Department of Psychiatry and offered to all mental health professions, legal professionals, collaborative professionals and others interested in this subject. The emphasis will be on families and the organizer of this summer institute agrees with me that high-conflict divorce is a public health matter and that all professionals dealing with high-conflict families can benefit from this week-long training.

Symposium Description and Objectives

High conflict personalities appear to be increasing in society, which presents opportunities and risks for mental health professionals. This seminar will focus on advanced skills for dealing with the difficult behaviors of high-conflict clients, as individuals and when involved in family problems such as separation and divorce. High-conflict clients tend to have a predictable pattern of pre-occupation with blaming others, difficulty accepting and healing loss, uncontrollable negative emotions, personal attacks, working against their own self-interests, triggering conflicts among professionals, and seeming disinterested in ending their disputes. Those who understand these personalities and methods for working with them will be able to assist colleagues and clients who are also dealing with high conflict people.

Participants will:

  1. Identify the interpersonal conflict dynamics of five personality disorders
  2. Recognize attachment issues and parenting behavior of those with personality disorders
  3. Apply recent brain research to reducing high-conflict behavior
  4. Manage the Negative Advocates common in high-conflict disputes
  5. Provide positive structure for clients to learn skills rather than blaming others
  6. Guide parents in teaching conflict resolution skills to their children
  7. Collaborate with legal and workplace professionals in managing high-conflict clients
  8. Recognize and manage ethical risks in working with high-conflict personalities
  9. The benefits of family mediation and how to structure it with high-conflict families

For more information about the The 26th Annual Door County Summer Institute click here!

I hope you can make it. Bill Eddy