Using Validation to Increase Productivity & the New Ways for Work method

Guest blog from Megan Hunter: CEO and founder of Unhooked Media, co-founder and speaker for High Conflict Institute, publisher and author. So much of the High Conflict Disruptors (HCDs) time is spent in emotions-dominated thinking that they have far less time to spend in logic, left-brained problem-solving. Their right-brain, emotions-based behaviors adversely effect those around them. The result? A multiplier effect of decreased productivity.

Disruptors who are controlling or manipulative may need to go because the opportunity cost of keeping them is too high. It’s the law of diminishing returns. But first you need to see, can the disruptor accept and implement feedback?

Read Megan's Full Article  about using validation in the workplace and Bill Eddy's New Ways for Work method.


*New Ways for Work was designed for managers, supervisors, Ombudsman and HR professionals - anyone tasked with managing workplace conflict. As with Bill Eddy's other methods, New Ways for Work a skill-based, remedial method for workers who have the potential to improve workplace behavior, but are in need of improved conflict resolution skills. Materials for this new conflict-resolution method will be available in March 2015 at Unhooked Books. Don't miss it!