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The Republican Party should exit Donald Trump at their convention next week.

He doesn’t play well with others. Up to now, he’s been all words and many have been inspired by his words. But now he has to start delivering. Can he do it? It’s not good. In fact, it’s very, very bad. Using his words: He’s a disaster for the Republican Party.

One of his first promises was to give veterans a $1 million donation back in January. He didn’t deliver on that, until he was pressed on the issue in May by the media. It appears that he has no empathy for others, except when it plays well in the news.

After the Orlando slaughter in June, he made it all about himself. No empathy for the 49 people killed or their families. Instead, he was back to his words about Muslims and faltered on his half-hearted attempt to talk to the NRA about denying assault weapons to people on terror watch lists. I thought he might actually deliver something that 90% of Americans want. But no delivery there. Sad.

Then it turns out he’s not a fundraiser for his campaign. Sorry, he can’t deliver much there. Sure, he’s put some of his own money in, but he’s spending it on his own businesses for services to his campaign.

When Brexit was happening, instead of studying up and meeting with British and European Union leaders, he took a self-serving business trip to Scotland. He paraded around his golf courses, getting free publicity. Of course, there was his self-serving response to the Brexit vote and the huge drop in value of the British pound. Empathy for our English allies? No way. It was all about him and his golf courses: “You know, when the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry,” he said.

This past week, he argued with Senators and hinted that he might not actually serve as President if elected. He doesn’t care. When will the Republican Party get it?

Finally, he responded to the tragic shootings of black citizens and police officers by saying: “Our nation has become too divided….Racial tensions have gotten worse.” Yet who is doing this dividing? Who has been fanning racial US-against-THEM thinking? Who was so upset about an African-American president that he led an unprecedented movement to challenge his birth in Hawaii?

Donald Trump is a significant contributor to this year’s culture of division in the United States—as well as in the Republican Party. It’s time to stop him by not anointing him as the official Republican candidate at next week’s convention. He damages our country every day he types a tweet or opens his mouth. It will be easier for the Republican Party to not get married to Trump next week—messy as cancelling the wedding might be—than to fix the damage he will do over the next four months. He’s just not that into you. Save your family (and the world) before Trump wrecks it.

Bill Eddy is a lawyer, therapist, and mediator. He is the co-founder and Training Director of the High Conflict Institute, a training and consultation firm that trains professionals to deal with high-conflict people and situations. He is the author of several books  and methods  for handling high conflict personalities  and high conflict disputes with the most difficult people.