If you are in the midst of a divorce, you're going through one of the most profoundly stressful events of your life. You may be blind-sided by overwhelm, but you need to be a quick study and take control of your life again. Friends and family are supportive; but, let's face it, they're not experts. Besides, you need expert advice on multiple problems: personal finances, legal strategy, emotional resilience, mental mindset, spiritual balance, physical wellness, and parenting struggles. Shockingly, what you do now may affect the rest of your life, as well as your family's .... and even worse, all these difficult decisions require your full-attention exactly when you are at your most stressed and budget-stricken. Modern life leaves no time to divorce. As a busy parent, or a student, or working professional, you have BIG concerns, and you need answers NOW ... with no time to waste. Yet, most divorce professionals work 9-5 business hours. Can you really drive across town to a consultation - sacrificing your job -- every time you need advice?

Enter the online "telesummit": the more-convenient modern version of the national convention series, but without any missed work, travel, or childcare costs. Just like a traditional convention, a telesummit hosts a series of sessions or workshops presented by industry experts to discuss strategy, share tips and advice, and answer your most burning questions. The biggest benefit for you, is that you can participate by phone or internet while you're working or on the go --- if you have a phone or a computer, you have experts at your fingertips, and answers at your convenience.

The best example I have is the 2012 Divorce Solutions eSummit telesummit event found at The Divorce Solutions eSummit is a rare gathering of nationally-renowned experts for 7+ content-packed days of tips, tools, and strategies, all in one place. With 25+ guest experts such as myself, and nationally-renowned Lisa Decker , and Dorcy Russel this online event is a rare opportunity to address your burning questions from the convenience of your home or office or the car ride in-between. You can connect with new divorcing friends all over the country, ask the experts your burning questions, and finally find the support you need. Early enrollment begins next week, so, go now and reserve your seat for the Divorce Solutions eSummit. My colleagues and I are here for you, supporting and empowering you to Survive Whole - Mind, Body & Soul.