Six Personality-Based Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Unfit For President

Guest Blog by Nate Regier, commentary by Bill Eddy

The Donald is a wildly successful real-estate mogul and entrepreneur. He has an uncanny ability to capture the public’s interest. In many ways I admire his ability to continually find new ways to expand his empire. Despite his credentials as a businessman, I believe he is unfit to be president, and the reasons for this are unlikely to change.

High Conflict Personality

Tump has many characteristics of a high conflict personality (HCP). HCPs were initially labeled and described by Bill Eddy in his book, High Conflict People in Legal Disputes. HCPs are characterized by lifelong patterns of attention-seeking, blaming others for any negative events, emotional volatility, willingness to take advantage of others for personal gain, a pattern of turning the tables on others when confronted, and lack of concern regarding their self-sabotaging behaviors. HCPs tend to escalate conflict, alienate potential collaborators, and believe they are completely justified in their behavior. In today’s complex and volatile international climate, an HCP’s reckless and self-serving behavior is dangerous. Using the lens of HCP, we can evaluate leaders for their fitness to be stewards of our most precious assets and relationships. Here are five more characteristics that illuminate the high conflict personality.

Drama and limelight trump the truth

Trump prides himself on his directness and willingness to tell it like it is when nobody else will. However, he craves the limelight so much that he’s willing to bend the truth or simply fabricate his own version of reality to create a buzz. He’s gone so far with issues like immigration and political correctness that even the most conservative members of his own party have distanced themselves. His confabulations are an embarrassment to his supporters, and ammunition for his opponents. HCPs defy logic in their willingness to make up excuses even when they are exposed. If he were President, Trump’s preference for attention over reality would very quickly erode his credibility with the people he needs most.

Self-justification trumps effectiveness

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