Mental Health Professionals: Working with High Conflict Clients: Ethics and Risk Management

On Sept. 15th I presented “Working with High Conflict Clients: Ethics and Risk Management” to over 300 mental health professionals in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, sponsored by J & K Seminars. This was a new approach for me, in that I combined the issues and behavior of high conflict people (who often have personality disorders or traits) with discussing ways to manage them in the therapy setting, rather than legal settings – like family court, mediation, etc.
I focused on the ethical risks for therapists: problems with confidentiality, child abuse reporting, problems of dual relationships, sex with former clients, and so forth. Therapists are at risk of raising their clients’ expectations too high and then becoming targets of blame, when clients take out their disappointments on those trying to help them. But there are many ways to manage these issues while helping high conflict clients. Many of them benefit from therapy, if the therapist understands and manages the risks involved.  I also enjoyed being in Pennsylvania, just a couple hours away from where I grew up!

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