Managing High-Conflict Clients: Ethics and Risk Management

On November 22, I gave an all-day seminar in London, Ontario, to about 80 therapists, child welfare professionals, family lawyers, and other professionals involved in workplace, healthcare and other settings. The topic was “Managing High-Conflict Clients: Ethics and Risk Management.” Everyone agreed that this topic could be useful for anyone, not just professionals.

While the therapists and some others were taking this seminar to maintain their ethics credits, they said that they found it particularly practical for managing and helping any clients in today’s world. They said that the tips, such as E.A.R. Statements and B.I.F.F. Responses would also be helpful to their reasonable clients – to help them deal with the high-conflict people in their lives. For example, there were concerns about helping high school students dealing with cyber bullies and helping homeowners deal with high-conflict neighbors.

I am realizing how broad and relevant this issue is to everyone these days and I’m excited that 2012 will have High Conflict Institute giving more workshops than ever before. The seminar in London was organized by Solutions on Site and I discussed future seminars with them, including this topic of managing high conflict clients, as well as training therapists, mediators and lawyers in a future 2-day seminar in New Ways for Families program methods in other parts of Ontario.

It’s interesting to me that Canada has embraced these methods for dealing with high-conflict people in so many provinces. I really enjoyed my time there.

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