Guest Blog: Randi Kreger Psychology Today: Read This Post Before You Send That Angry Email

"There's something about the Internet--the quick responses, the anonymity--that almost begs for a hostile response. Online newspapers are being forced to devise policies about their comments sections that allow for healthy conversations but discourage hate mail and ad hominem attacks. And who hasn't wanted to rip out a response to an angry ex or arrogant coworker?

But peace, baby, peace. Angry emails sent in the heat of the moment can ruin relationships, get you fired, and prove downright embarrassing. Attorney and therapist Bill Eddy (the author of Splitting)has come up with a popular and easy way to make your point and set limits without regretting what you said the morning after. It's called B.I.F.F., and it stands for Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm. It works for responses in real or online responses in all types of situations, including legal proceedings."

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