High Conflict at Work in 2015!

High Conflict at Work in 2015!

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After 7 years of focusing primarily on high-conflict legal disputes, High Conflict Institute is expanding into the workplace, with new books, methods, trainings and consultations. We have been getting more and more requests for us to teach our methods (The CARS MethodSM, BIFF Response®, EAR StatementSM and others) from top level executives to middle managers to front line employees. Everyone knows that high-conflict people are increasing in the workplace and society – and will increase in 2015.

Therefore, we have five new initiatives this year, as we are growing rapidly!

    1. Workplace speaking and training: Based on the CARS Method in our book: It’s All Your Fault at Work! Managing Narcissists and Other High Conflict People, by Bill Eddy and L. Georgi DiStefano. (This book has been favorably reviewed by Ken Blanchard, the management expert whose book sold over 13 million copies.) Learn more about The CARS Method and our training options for workplace professionals.
    2. New Ways for Work℠: Personal Skills for Productive Relationships is a new coaching method developed by Bill and Georgi, which is designed for 3-12 coaching sessions by EAPs, HR Managers, therapists and other coaches. It’s designed to help employees and managers referred because of behavior problems, or those who desire to advance in their careers. This method teaches four key skills using a Workbook for the Client and Coaching Manual for the Coach. Learn more about New Ways for Work Coaching method and our training options for workplace professionals.
    3. High Conflict Institute Speakers: Six High Conflict Institute Speakers: We now have six primary speakers and trainers who have been giving seminars for High Conflict Institute and who are available to present to
      your group: Bill Eddy, Georgi DiStefano, Megan Hunter, Michael Lomax, John Edwards and Shawn Skillin. (Read about all our Speakers and Trainers). Contact us to schedule a
      speaking or training event
    4. BIFF Response Instructors: Beginning in 2015, we will be approving professionals who want to become instructors in our BIFF Response® method and EAR StatementSM method. Training is by video and then an interview with us to make sure you understand the methods and will teach them properly. We may post your names on our www.BIFFResponse.com website and will provide materials. For more information contact Trissan at tdicomes@highconflictinstitute.com.
    5. New Ways for Families®: Training by Skype: We have begun offering our 2-day training in our researched New Ways for Families® skills-training method for separation and divorce by DVD Seminar for Day One and by Skype for the Day Two practice exercises. This makes it much more accessible cost-wise and travel-wise. We have now trained professionals (counselors, lawyers and ADR professionals) in over 40 cities, by live training and/or by Skype. For information or to schedule a training contact Michelle at michelle@newways4families.com.

We are very excited to be growing as we offer new skills and methods for managing high-conflict people. We now have a newsletter emailing list of about 5000 professionals and individuals who are interested in our work from around the globe (the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, India, Japan and others).

Want more resources? Join our mailing list. We are glad that you have joined us on this journey and look forward to everyone’s efforts in 2015 to make this a more peaceful world for you, for children and families, for everyone at work – and for people in conflict everywhere. The world needs the peaceful efforts of all of us!

Best wishes!

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., President, High Conflict Institute

Megan Hunter, MBA, President, Unhooked Books


Bill Eddy and Megan Hunter are co-founders of the High Conflict Institute. Bill is a lawyer, therapist and mediator, and the author of It’s All Your Fault! 12 Tips for Managing People Who Blame Others for Everything. Megan is the CEO of Unhooked Media and the author of Bait & Switch: Saving Your Relationship after Incredible Romance Turns into Exhausting Chaos. They are writing the book Dating Radar™