HCI Press Book Release: The Future Of Family Court

HCI Press Book Release: The Future Of Family Court


“The Future of Family Court: Structure, Skills and Less Stress” by author, Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.


Designed for judicial officers, but applicable to all family law professionals and individuals preparing for family court, this book applies lessons learned from the field of mental health to the family court system, especially when working with parents with personality disorders or traits. Bill Eddy provides tips on what individual judges or court systems can easily do, without sweeping changes or creating new players in the decision-making process.


Written from Bill Eddy’s perspective as a family lawyer and mental health professional, and as a trainer of judges managing high-conflict people in court, he provides tips on what judges can do. He illustrates how the court is in a good position to prevent child and parent stress from the start or to reduce it by mandating efforts for positive changes by their parents—from ordering parenting programs and classes at the start of the case, to setting limits on emotional attacks during the hearing process.


Judges who apply the principles described in this book should feel a much better sense of control over their courtroom and less stress, as the families are doing more of the work, practicing conflict resolution skills that will help them raise their children out of court, or showing each other’s patterns of behavior to more accurately see what needs attention and protective orders. Read the first five pages of the Future of Family Court here.






BILL EDDY, LCSW, CFLS, is a lawyer and Licensed Clinical Social Worker and leading expert on High-Conflict Personalities. He has written five books and numerous articles for national law and counseling journals. He provides seminars and training on managing high-conflict people for legal professionals across the globe.