2016: A Year to be Grateful

 © 2016 Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. & Megan Hunter, MBA

Happy New Year from High Conflict Institute and Unhooked Books! We have a lot to be grateful for in looking back over the past year. But a lot more work to do in our efforts to explain high-conflict behavior and teach people methods for managing it. We want to thank everyone who has shared in this work over the past year and we look forward to working with you as we go forward.

Over the past year High Conflict Institute speakers provided approximately 100 speaking and training days around the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. We increased our efforts in managing high-conflict situations in the workplace with our new book It’s All Your Fault at Work: Managing Narcissists and Other High Conflict People, and we launched or newest method, New Ways for Work: Personal Skills for Productive Relationships, with a workbook and coaching manual to help potentially high conflict employees.

Our method to help potentially high-conflict parents and children in separation and divorce, New Ways for Families ® has grown, with counselors, lawyers, mediators and others trained in a dozen more cities, over 200 parents taking the full counseling method and over 900 parents taking our online court-ordered co-parenting program Parenting Without Conflict.

High Conflict Institute has also become a Continuing Education Provider for our live seminars and online seminars. We have also grown, with six featured speakers actively speaking around the United States, Canada and Australia. After Bill gave 75 speaking days in 2015 (which totaled 105 days away from home including travel), he has decided to cut back his own speaking/traveling by 25% to allow more time for some new writing projects. Our other speakers are all experienced trainers and have worked with Bill for at least five years on applying and teaching high conflict methods, and they are available to teach more and more in 2016.

Unhooked Books saw unprecedented growth in 2015 after developing new business through conference bookstores and securing contracts with sales and distribution companies that make our books available in bookstores (both online and brick and mortar) worldwide. Previously, we sold one book at a time through our website, at seminars, conferences, and Amazon. This resulted in a significant sales increase, but more importantly, it means we’re reaching wider audiences with our message of educating people about high conflict personalities and complicated relationships—both professionals and anyone dealing with difficult relationships. We very sincerely thank you for your support of our work and hope to continue providing you with the most relevant and practical books and other products to help you in your work and life.

High Conflict Institute is just eight years old. Five years ago, we separated into two independent entities - Unhooked Books for publishing and High Conflict Institute for seminars and developing methods.  Combined, we have exceeded a half million dollars a year in gross revenue, as two small businesses on a mission to educate people about how to manage and get unhooked from high conflict situations. But so far, we have put almost every penny back into building these businesses. We don’t get any grants and we don’t have investors.  So if you like what we’re doing (including all our self-help articles we provide free to the public) and want to help us stay in business, please buy a book, watch a video, or hire one of our excellent speakers to give your group a talk or a training this year on managing the increase in high conflict situations. We can’t do this without you. But together, we are changing the culture of conflict.

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

Megan Hunter, MBA


Bill Eddy is a lawyer, therapist, and mediator. He is the co-founder and Training Director of the High Conflict Institute, a training and consultation firm that trains professionals to deal with high-conflict people and situations. He is the author of several books and methods for handling high conflict personalities and high-conflict disputes with the most difficult people.

Co-founder Megan Hunter is a speakerauthor, and international expert on high conflict disputes, complicated relationships, and Borderline Personality Disorder. She has over 13 years experience as the Family Law Specialist with the Arizona Supreme Court, and Child Support Manager of the Dawes County Attorney’s Office in Nebraska.