2-Day Training! Managing High Conflict Clients with New Ways for Families

On January 20-21, in Mission Viejo in Southern California, I will be presenting advanced skills for professionals dealing with the difficult behaviors of high-conflict people, whether as individuals or when involved in family problems, especially separation and divorce. High-conflict people (HCPs) tend to have a predictable pattern of:

Preoccupation with blaming others

Difficulty accepting responsibility for their own behavior

Uncontrollable negative emotions Personal attacks, even against those trying to help Working hard against their own self-interests Triggering conflicts among professionals

Seeming disinterested in ending their disputes On DAY ONE, participants will learn about high-conflict personality styles, recent brain research which helps understand them, and numerous tips for managing high conflict clients. In the afternoon, I will give an overview explanation of the research basis and four-step structure of the New Ways for Families method for divorce cases, including a video of a sample case going through each step.

DAY TWO focuses on practice exercises, emphasizing four advanced skills which are paradigm shifts for professionals, including: Providing Structure, Reinforcing Client Self-Management, Guiding Parents to Teach Children Skills, and Teaching Clients How to Make Family Decisions under stress. The New Ways for Families method will be explained as one approach that incorporates these Four Advanced Skills. However professionals do not need to be at all involved in New Ways for Families to benefit from the skills learned in this 2-day training.

For mental health professionals and lawyers who are interested, after this 2-Day training you will be eligible to be listed as New Ways for Families professionals on the New Ways website: www.NewWays4Families.com. and eligible for listing on authorized local panels in cities where they exist or are forming.To sign up for this 2-day training, contact: www.mediatewest.com/events or call 949-374-2600 by Jan. 15th