Quick Answers for Your Questions and Requests 

I need to talk to someone about my situation, where do I begin?

To initiate a consultation, you need to go to our Consultation Page and make a payment.  That page can be found at this link HERE. Someone from that department will contact you for more information and to set up a time for your consultation.  We have options to consult by Skype™ or by phone.  If you have an attorney, you may want him/her to also participate in the consultation.  

Can you refer me to a lawyer, mediator, therapist or other professional in my area that understands High Conflict personalities or situations?

Unfortunately, we don’t keep lists of people who have taken our trainings or participated in our seminars.  At this time we also cannot verify what they have learned.  For these reasons, we cannot make referrals to lawyers, therapists or other professionals.  It’s a very personal choice for each person to find someone who is a good fit for them. We recommend interviewing 3 or more professionals in your area and then deciding who to work with. You can ask the people you interview about their level of experience with HCPs, how they would treat the matter differently than a situation without an HCP and you can ask if they have taken our trainings or read any of our books.

Can you testify as an expert witness in my case? 

At High Conflict Institute we do not do expert work or testify in cases, but a consultation with you and your attorney may help. 

Can someone at HCI be my lawyer/mediator? 

We do not represent individuals in court or mediation.

Do you offer bulk discounts on books? 

We offer bulk discounts of 50% off on purchases of 10 copies or more. Email info@highconflictinstitute.com for special code needed to purchase.

Legal Advice VS. Consultation

We cannot give you legal advice, but a consultation may help you.  It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference, but “legal advice” generally is taking the facts of your situation, applying the law, and then giving you a recommendation as to what you should do.   Education often has some legal information in it, but it’s geared toward helping the person learn new techniques, information and strategies for dealing with whatever is going on with a high-conflict person. This is what a consultation can do for you.

Do you offer group trainings?

We offer trainings directly to groups interested in having us in to speak to their members.  You may be interested in the overview pagesthat describe our professional trainings.  All trainers can present our information on high-conflict personalities, related brain research and our techniques for managing high-conflict people, including our BIFF Response® method, how to make and respond to proposals, mediation with an HCP, HCP counsel, managing emotions in negotiation, New Ways for Families®, New Ways for Work®, New ways for Mediation®  and other skills, depending upon your needs and focus.  

I cannot afford a consultation, do you offer any free services?

We currently do not offer any free services at this time. There are many free articles on our site that can help you, as well as many low-cost books you can order. We’ve tried our best to make this important information accessible to everyone.

Can I use HCI’s PowerPoint Slides, Presentations and any Other HCI Materials in a Presentation?

Thanks for your interest in passing on our high-conflict methods. To maintain consistency of our information and methods (and to try to make a living from our work), we copyright all of our PowerPoint slides. Our work is our intellectual property. If you would like to use any portion of our PowerPoint Slides, please contact us for permission. We like to be generous and we are grateful for promoting our work and ideas, so please do not hesitate to ask. We typically authorize use of 1-3 slides, as long as credit is given on each slide to the High Conflict Institute along with our web address, www.highconflictinstitute.com and correct service marks.  Once approved, we will keep your name and contact information in our records so you don’t have to worry about problems down the road. Thanks for helping us!