Ever received a hostile email? Text? DM? Snail mail?
They usually have a lot of ALL CAPS, exclamation marks (!!!), personal attacks and blame.

You probably wanted to respond right away while your heart was beating rapidly. That’s a normal reaction, but it will only keep conflict going with the writer — who may have a high-conflict personality or maybe it’s someone just having a rough day.

We’ve developed a structured, simple method for responding to hostility called the BIFF Response® method.

It seems simple, but when you’re “hooked” by their attack it can be hard to do. We can help coach you to write a BIFF Response when you need to respond. Instead of reacting with explanations or defending yourself, you can give a BIFF Response instead. You’ll be respected for it – and feel less stress, too. 

30-minute & 60-minute sessions available

After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email receipt and we will contact you to schedule a date and time for your BIFF coaching session.

Please note: our coaching sessions are not a legal service, legal advice, nor therapy service or advice.  You are always encouraged to seek ongoing consultation with professionals in your geographic area for mutual learning in handling high conflict situations or legal cases. 

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