Sociopaths - The Con Artists of Divorce - WEBINAR 2-Part Series (The broadcast has ended. Click through to get the recording)

Sociopaths - The Con Artists of Divorce - WEBINAR 2-Part Series (The broadcast has ended. Click through to get the recording)

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Presented by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., Training Director and co-founder of High Conflict Institute

This live webinar has passed. You can still purchase and view it in it’s entirety at the links below. The link to access recording will be emailed to purchaser by the next BUSINESS day.


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Presented in two parts, each webinar can be taken individually or save $10 by signing up for both. 


Sociopaths have a drive to dominate others, disregard for the law, lack of remorse and are skilled at lying and conning. They fool professionals on a regular basis, including in family law cases.T his webinar set addresses identifying understanding and managing sociopathic behavior in a family law setting.

For Professionals

  • Have you wondered why your client ignores every bit of your advice?

  • Or why they reject all reasonable offers in favor of their own agenda?

  • Find yourself shaking your head in disbelief at the actions of your client’s ex?

  • What’s going on here?

    • Learn how to better understand the type of person you're dealing with, either as your client or as their ex-partner or current partner.

For Individuals

  • You know something is way off with your ex.

  • Why don’t other people see it too?

  • What can you do to to just get thought this legal process already?

    • Learn how to better manage this person during your case in or outside of court.

Webinar Series Outline

Part 1: Understanding Sociopaths in Family Law Cases

This webinar will give a basic understanding of the dynamics of sociopaths (aka: antisocial personality disorder), why people fall in love with them, why professionals are easily conned by them, their frequent abusive behavior, and the types of false allegations they frequently make against clients and professionals.

Part 2: Dealing with Sociopaths in Family Law Cases

This webinar will address managing clients with antisocial traits, dealing with sociopaths as the opposing party, investigating the case, presenting such a case in family court, negotiation and mediation, and protecting yourself when necessary. Case examples will be given of dealing with sociopaths in and out of court.

*Registration for the live broadcasts has ended. Recorded webinars are available HERE.


50 minutes - lecture
10 minutes - Q & A


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Bill Eddy

Bill is the training director and co-founder of High Conflict Institute. He is is a lawyer, therapist, mediator and he developed the "High Conflict Personality" theory (HCP Theory). He has become an international expert on managing disputes involving high conflict personalities and and provides training on this subject to a wide array of professionals around the world. Bill is also the author of several books and provides on-demand online training.