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High Conflict People

Professional Training

For Legal Professionals

profsmHigh conflict disputes are increasing in society - especially in legal disputes. With the increase in blaming behavior and personal attacks, lawyers, judges, mediators and others are often drawn into the fray.

Wondering what to do with these types of clients? We can help. Our seminars and training address the dynamics of high conflict disputes and provide many methods for managing them both in and out-of-court.

For Mediators

mediatorsmAs high conflict legal disputes increase, mediators are being asked to manage and resolve more of these disputes. This trend requires more training in understanding and managing high conflict behavior during mediation and in developing agreements which are sustainable long afterward.

Our methods and training provide a paradigm shift for mediating with those clients who are not responsive to ordinary mediation methods.

For Mental Health Professionals

mhp2Today’s mental health professional needs to understand high conflict personalities and how to assist their clients in dealing with high conflict partners, family members, co-workers, bosses and others -- in addition, they need to protect themselves from liability and potential personal attacks by disgruntled clients, including on the internet, while they continue to act in an ethical manner.

Our seminars provide advanced practice skills for mental health professionals, as well as skills they can teach their clients.

For Workplace Professionals

workplace2No, it’s not just your imagination—more and more people in the workplace today have high-conflict personalities. Co-workers, clients, even bosses are behaving in narcissistic or bullying ways, choosing targets and then placing blame on them, treating them with disdain, or otherwise acting in aggressive, inappropriate ways. Some go so far as to spread damaging rumors, harass, or directly sabotage their targets, among other extreme behaviors. These are not people who are just having an occasional bad day; these are people who display a repeated pattern of high-conflict behavior.

Our methods can help you manage this type of behavior in the workplace.


Schedule A Speaker

billeddyHigh Conflict Institute provides speakers to groups and organizations about Understanding and Managing High Conflict People in any setting. Our speakers provide keynote addresses, workshops and seminars from 30 minutes to 3 hours. We also provide training sessions of 3 hours to 2 days for professionals, with an emphasis on learning and practicing advanced skills for managing high conflict clients, colleagues, and others.

Contact us at or 619.221.9108 to schedule a seminar or training with one of our experienced speakers.

Schedule a Consultation

woman2If you are a professional, business, government agency, non-profit group, professional association or other organization dealing with a problem involving a high-conflict person(s), contact us to schedule a confidential one-on-one educational consultation for a fee with one of our consultants—by phone, Skype or in-person.

Your consultant will discuss your situation and suggest general approaches that you may want to consider.

Contact us at or 619.221.9108 to schedule.


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