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New Ways for Mediation: A Proposal Focused Approach

More Structure, More Skills and Less Stress for Potentially High-Conflict Cases

New Ways for Mediation is a tightly-structured, simple process for mediating potentially high-conflict disputes. It focuses on the teaching and reinforcement of simple skills for the clients to use throughout the process. This approach emphasizes the role of the mediator as “guide” – much more directive about the process and much less directive about the actual decisions the parties should make. It is a very client-centered approach. It was developed by Bill Eddy, President of the High Conflict Institute.

The mediator provides a few simple skills for the parties to repeatedly apply in more actively asking questions, gathering information and making proposals, while the mediator more actively provides education and options for the parties to consider. Storytelling about past behavior is stopped and discussions of emotional issues are firmly discouraged, based on the belief that these issues are irresolvable for people with potentially high-conflict personalities and simply reinforce their intransigence.

However, throughout this process, the mediator calmly demonstrates empathy, respect and neutrality for both parties, despite angry outbursts, surprise events, tears and rigid positions. The intended result is that the parties have less need to defend themselves, they work harder at finding solutions, and they are more committed to their own decisions.


The main difference is the amount of time shown teaching the method:


    • New Ways for Mediation – 75-Minute Seminar is 75 minutes and explains the method. Order our Video Traning On Demand. Also available as a DVD.

Full Training:

    • New Ways for Mediation – 75-Minute Seminar and 3-hour Demonstration is a total of 4.25 hours combined and is considered the “full training” in this method. Order Video Training on Demand. Also available as a 4-DVD set.

DISCLAIMER: These seminars and demonstrations are not legal advice and should not be relied upon for making any legal decisions. Seek the advice of a local lawyer, therapist or financial adviser for divorce advice. Every mediator has his or her own style and will differ more or less from the process and methods used in this sample case.


Which is the best video if I am considering whether to use divorce mediation for myself? 

The best for that purpose is a 1-hour video titled: Is Divorce Mediation for You? Watch a 3-minute free sample or order the 1-hour online video or DVD.


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Q & A about the Video Training

If we don’t get a DVD, how do we watch the online video? Is it streamed or downloaded?

    • All of our Video Training On Demand (VTOD) videos on the HCI website are streamed, which means that you watch them online at your convenience for 90 days from when you purchase them. It’s not a download system. If you want to have one in your hands, you can order the DVD that goes with each of our regular VTOD videos. For Webinars, we only offer the online programs – they aren’t available by DVD.

Do we have to watch it in one go or can we always re-access/re-watch it within the 90-day period?

    • You can watch them at your convenience at any time, day or night. You can start and stop them, and re-start at any location or watch them over again (and again). It helps to make a note of the minutes in the bar at the bottom of the video if you want to come back to the same place.

Can we get copies of the Powerpoint slides that are used in the videos?

    • Purchasers of the VTOD videos or DVDs can get free copies of the Powerpoint handouts as a “pdf” with 3 slides per page, by emailing your request to We will email the handout to the email address you used to order the video, so make sure to give us the same name and email that was used with your purchase.

If we like watching it online and decide we want to get the DVD as well, is there a discount?

    • No. These are two different automated systems with payments online with two separate companies, so we don’t have the capacity to offer discounts across automated systems at this time.

Who developed the New Ways for Mediation method?


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